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A man in red gingham and jeans sits barefoot on the steps of a bright yellow panelled home while an infant sits in front of a teal wooden door with elaborate trim next to a woman in maternity wear: a tightly fitting black shirt, a long tan cardigan with two small, plastic cups (yellow) at her feet.

Todd, Reed, Kerri, and Ellis

Kerri: “Reflecting on living through a year of a global health pandemic is surreal, to say the least. When Kurt and Kremena took our first photo, I had

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Cui, Lexi, Donglin, and Skyler

Cui: “Lexi was born in April 2020. She completes our family. We always wanted two kids.” Donglin: “The house is even messier now—and I didn’t think that was

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Ana, Enzo, Lucas, and David

Ana: “What a whirlwind of a year this has been. It almost feels time bending, no time has passed, yet all time has. We haven’t seen our families

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Charlie, Sarah, and Jayne

Sarah: It’s a beautiful, sunny afternoon following yesterday’s snow. Our strawberries are in full bloom. With Charlie fully vaccinated and me mustering through the side effects of my

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