Will: “Well, my passion for kombucha came to me when I moved to California in 2015. I drank a bottle every day till I moved

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A young woman with purple hair and glasses sits on a brick front-porch railing in a striped shirt.


“Hi, friends. My name is Brandy. I am an artist/educator, self proclaimed do-gooder, lover of people, communities, and stories. I am a daughter, sister, and

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Carmen: “Living alone during COVID-19 has turned out to be really renewing. I used to never be at home and it was hard at first.

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An older man dressed in a yellow, red, and black camo-patterned shirt and a red billed cap sits cross-ledded in a garden between two orange traffic cones.


“What has it been living by myself during the pandemic? I turned to art. I decided to do portraits of people I love and miss.

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Keith sings with the American Spiritual Ensemble. Keith: “During this time of chaos and uncertainty, it’s even more obvious that music calms and soothes the

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Gabriela: “I feel like I’m almost in an abusive relationship with DACA—where I’ll be so grateful, so happy to have it, but know deep down

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Two women with long dark hair, one with bangs are seated on a front porch among wooden furniture. One sits with legs crossed while the other drapes her right hand across her knee.

Echo and Emily

Emily Woxihara performs with Ancient Warfare and is the drummer for Bear Medicine. She also performs solo as Emily Hagihara. Narrative from original post: Both

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Marlon is the Director of Music and Arts at First Presbyterian Church. He is also the Artistic Director of the Kentucky Bach Choir. Marlon: “It’s

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Hart, Hale, Linda, and Van

Linda: “The good thing about the pandemic is that it’s given me time to work in the garden.” Van: “And togetherness.” Linda: “LOTS of togetherness.

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Susan and Chelsey

Chelsey: “Contrails have always captured my imagination, at times filling me with envy. ‘Where were they going?’—probably somewhere great, I imagined. Though in all likelihood

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A bearded man in a button up teal casual shirt and sunglasses holds the hand of a bare footed woman in a blue tee shirt and red shorts standing afront the lawn of an off-white panelled home.

Rob and Piper

Piper and Rob: “This pandemic has affected us the most through our jobs. Rob got laid off from his job as a tour guide at

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Cathy is a fiber artist and dyes a lot of fabric. She had been planning to downsize her studio this spring. She had even gotten

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A man in a green striped shirt and jeans with a crew cut and beard is seated on concrete steps holding a yellow floral arrangement in the shape of a heart. Two slices of cake are at his feet on plates.


A week or so ago, Danny bought 2 Quarantine Cakes from Tinker’s Cake Shop. He liked their mission of donating 10% of all sales to

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Erica and Sam With Loki

Erica’s grandmother, Lila Mae, passed last week in Florida, where Erica is from. That, on top of the strange reality we all now inhabit, has

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A man holds a ukelele upside-down in colorful, knee-length socks crossed legged seated next to a young girl in brightly patterned pajamas next to a woman in a tan collared sweater and short hair on a patterned coushined bench in a screened porch with orange columns and teal trim.

Mick, Libby Lee, and Lucy

Mick played two songs for us on his ukulele: “Sunshine On My Shoulders” and “Anti-COVID Anthem #19” (to the tune of “Short’nin’ Bread”). He sang,

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Pat: “In the time of COVID-19, what IS the right thing? How can we do the right thing and keep our humanity?”

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Jada stood patiently in the warm rain while we took her picture. She said, “I like being inside so I can do my art and

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