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A barefoot young man with naturally curly hair and a woman in a black and white floral dress both hold violins next to a man with curly grey hair holding a cello while standing in front of a garden shed.

Aaron, Margie, and Benjamin

Margie: “This would have been our 13th summer to teach and perform at the Brevard Music Center in North Carolina. It is an intense 7

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A middle aged man with round glasses stands in front of a brick home with two children, (left) a young girl in braids and pink pajamas and a boy (right) in a blue tee shirt with his arms crossed.

Deedee, Ryan, and Asher

“It is a deep mystery to live here in this imperfect place. On a summer night, with fireflies in the yard and bats overhead, the

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A woman in a bright red dress and curly lightened hair with thick glasses stands next to a young girl with curly dark hair donning a yellow blanket as a cape (arms stretched wide) while a man with dreadlocks and a beard wearing red sneakers leans on a porch column.

Crystal, Ivory, and Ron

Crystal Wilkinson, a USA Artist Fellow, is the award-winning author of The Birds of Opulence (winner of the 2016 Ernest J. Gaines Prize for Literary Excellence), Water

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Two young people are seated on the stone steps of a green home in front of a glass door with a bright red "E" while a woman with long dark hair stands to their left dressed in jeans and a tank top covered in colorful paint.

Sara Grace, Cooper, and Blake

Blake: “When asked…‘How are you doing through all of this?’ I never know what to say. They aren’t really asking this question on a deep

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A woman in a neatly pressed black jacket and dress stands on the small porch of a brick home next to a man in a grey tee shirt with a brown leather belt and watch while a young girl in a light pink sweater swings in from their left on a swingset.

Annie, Sarah, and David

David: “I remodel kitchen and baths. I got laid off in the second week of the pandemic. I’ve greatly enjoyed the extra time with my

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A young family enjoys their back yard: a girl in a red dress on a bicyle and a man in a marron button down are both seated on children's bicyles donning a snarling expression. The man wears sunglasses while a woman in a dark shirt with laced sleeves and curly hair rests her arm around a toddler with short curly hair drinking juice.

Athena, Joe, Jakob, and Yamel

Joe: “It’s a terrible situation, so many people dying. The silver lining is less pollution, nuclear families staying closer (though that has its own stress).

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A woman with dark-rimmed glasses and long brown hair wears a floral sweater while standing next to a jumping toddler in a tie-dyed tee shirt. A cross-armed man stands behind shrubs to their left in front of a white, wood panelled home and a brick stoop.

Ana, Lucas, and David

Ana and David are expecting their second child in October. They found out it’s going to be a boy only a couple of days before

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A family of three stand in front of a dark wooden garden shed with white panelling on a concrete patio. A man in a University of Kentucky shirt leans on an open door, a woman in a long black cardigan and jeans is to his left. A young woman with long hair parted on her left shoulder drinks from a can in the background.

David, Holly, and Candace

Holly Hughes is the English Language Learner Teacher at Mary Todd Elementary School. David Mato is the Instructional Media Teacher at Maxwell Spanish Immersion Elementary

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A man holds a ukelele upside-down in colorful, knee-length socks crossed legged seated next to a young girl in brightly patterned pajamas next to a woman in a tan collared sweater and short hair on a patterned coushined bench in a screened porch with orange columns and teal trim.

Mick, Libby Lee, and Lucy

Mick played two songs for us on his ukulele: “Sunshine On My Shoulders” and “Anti-COVID Anthem #19” (to the tune of “Short’nin’ Bread”). He sang,

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Two women are seated on the stairs of an apartment complete. One wears glasses with dyed dark-auburn hair and a long black cardigan and the other has curly green hair, her hands in the pockets of an orange GAP hoodie, wearing white socks and athletic sandals.

Amy and Leo

Amy: “We’ve had several years with very hard transitions. We are so grateful to have this apartment as our home now. And we’re glad to

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A man in red gingham and jeans sits barefoot on the steps of a bright yellow panelled home while an infant sits in front of a teal wooden door with elaborate trim next to a woman in maternity wear: a tightly fitting black shirt, a long tan cardigan with two small, plastic cups (yellow) at her feet.

Todd, Reed, and Kerri

Kerri was figuring out how to juggle school, her two-year-old being home from daycare (the daycare closed the day before), and a baby on the

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A young woman with a purple handkerchief in her hair and a girl with purple bow are seated on a wrough iron bench with pillows in front of a brick home in a neatly manicured lawn.

Tristan and Meredith

Meredith: “We typically don’t have sit-down dinners because Tristan has dance class 4 nights a week and I have rehearsals. Since we became quarantined, having

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