Eli, Nick, Rosie, and Oscar

Eli: “This was Oscar’s last year at his preschool, where he’s been since age 2 and has the most amazing group of friends who are splitting up next year. I know it’s not nearly the same as what high school seniors are going through right now, but I’m so sad that he’s not able to spend this time with them. His school is doing an incredible job with video meetups and YouTube lessons, but of course, it’s not the same. A few weeks into this, Oscar asked me if he still had any friends, which broke my heart. We printed a bunch of pictures of him with his friends together and hung them up so he can see them whenever he wants. Both of our kids are scheduled to start new schools in the fall – Kindergarten for Oscar, and preschool for Rosie–what will either of those experiences look like now? Will they happen at all? Without family in town, school has been our primary village throughout Oscar’s life. Without it, I think we’re all feeling a little lost. But we’re getting through it together with dance parties, bike rides, and lots of bubbles.”

Lexington in the Time of COVID-19 is an artwork about people practicing social distancing at a time of a deadly virus. And also offering kindness.

Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova capture photographs at the periphery of American culture, where drag queens, discarded couches, and abandoned motel signs exist.