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A barefoot young man with naturally curly hair and a woman in a black and white floral dress both hold violins next to a man with curly grey hair holding a cello while standing in front of a garden shed.

Aaron, Margie, and Benjamin

Margie: “This would have been our 13th summer to teach and perform at the Brevard Music Center in North Carolina. It is an intense 7

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A middle aged man with round glasses stands in front of a brick home with two children, (left) a young girl in braids and pink pajamas and a boy (right) in a blue tee shirt with his arms crossed.

Deedee, Ryan, and Asher

“It is a deep mystery to live here in this imperfect place. On a summer night, with fireflies in the yard and bats overhead, the

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A lavishly dressed person in drag queen attire (a pink dress, cape, tiara, and detailed make up) stands on the concrete stoop of a brick home.


Uma: “Pride is more than just a weekend or even a month out of a year. I can’t help but celebrate Pride all year long.

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A man with a guitar and woman with a violin stand in neatly pressed Mariachi garb on the concrete driveway of an apartment complex.

Genaro and Sandy

Genaro: “Being a mariachi musician in Kentucky has been a unique experience. Where I come from, Mexican culture is everywhere. Everyone speaks Spanish and mariachi

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A neatly dressed bald man in an orange tie and leather sandals is seated on the wooden porch of a light freen home next to a woman with short curly hair, barefoot wearing a white button up shirt.

Rodney and Andrea

Andrea James works as Community Response Strategist in the Mayor’s Office, City of Lexington. She chairs the Fayette County Subcommittee, HEALing Communities Grant. She is

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A woman in a long purple robe with colorful trim and white sandals stands next to a young man in a denim jacket, red socks and white pants with black vertical stripes seated on a wooden flower box holding a pole in front of a white brick home with worn paint.

Christine and Philip

Philip: “This pandemic has enabled me to spend more time with my family, to grow as an individual. Despite all the madness, I have an

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A woman in a neatly pressed black jacket and dress stands on the small porch of a brick home next to a man in a grey tee shirt with a brown leather belt and watch while a young girl in a light pink sweater swings in from their left on a swingset.

Annie, Sarah, and David

David: “I remodel kitchen and baths. I got laid off in the second week of the pandemic. I’ve greatly enjoyed the extra time with my

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A woman with parted curly hair in a business jacket and red pajama pants with a snowflake pattern is seated with a laptop on the rail of a front porch while a black labrador retriever looks on.

Kim with Rufus

Rufus: “I am so grateful to have my humans home with me all day for non-stop companionship and occasional play breaks. I know they are

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A man in a light blue and white patterned shirt with neatly parted hair holds hands with a woman in a yellow dress and short jacket in front of a white panelled home with a metal awning.

John and Laura

Laura: “The first few weeks of the pandemic, I was in overfunctioning mode, as a leader of Common Good and as an individual. This past

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A man holds a ukelele upside-down in colorful, knee-length socks crossed legged seated next to a young girl in brightly patterned pajamas next to a woman in a tan collared sweater and short hair on a patterned coushined bench in a screened porch with orange columns and teal trim.

Mick, Libby Lee, and Lucy

Mick played two songs for us on his ukulele: “Sunshine On My Shoulders” and “Anti-COVID Anthem #19” (to the tune of “Short’nin’ Bread”). He sang,

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A woman with bangs, pink hair and retro glasses in a floral pink knee-length dress holds a cocktails with her hand on the shoulder of a man in glasses, Van Dyke style facial hair in a colorful polka-dot button up and jeans stand in front of a stone home with a red door donning a skeleton behind a glass storm door with the home number "666." A Black Lives Matter yard sign is left of the stoop.

Lauren and Dan

Lauren SherroWu teaches students with moderate to severe disabilities and co-sponsors the GSA at Lafayette High School. Dan and Lauren had planned an outing to

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An elderly couple stand in front of a cream brick home with ornate columns. They both wear blue athletic sweater vests. The woman had glasses hanging from a chain on her neck. The main has unkempt white hair, a beard, a blotted patterned tie, and Birkenstocks.

Susan and Joe

Joe teaches Physics at UK and was getting ready for his online class next week, learning how to use Zoom. Susan was thinking about exercising.

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A young woman with a purple handkerchief in her hair and a girl with purple bow are seated on a wrough iron bench with pillows in front of a brick home in a neatly manicured lawn.

Tristan and Meredith

Meredith: “We typically don’t have sit-down dinners because Tristan has dance class 4 nights a week and I have rehearsals. Since we became quarantined, having

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