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Two men, (left) wearing a red woven cap and a black graphic tee shirt and (right) a Granada tee-shirt sit on a front stoop petting an old, brown dog with a colorful collar.

Dafri and Thomi with Yuma

Dafri: “One of my biggest things as an artist is telling the untold story. If I’m in a crowded room, my eyes always go to

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A woman with parted curly hair in a business jacket and red pajama pants with a snowflake pattern is seated with a laptop on the rail of a front porch while a black labrador retriever looks on.

Kim with Rufus

Rufus: “I am so grateful to have my humans home with me all day for non-stop companionship and occasional play breaks. I know they are

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A woman wearing a red and white bow stands on a front porch with patio decorations, plants and chimes. She is wearing a thick, furry rust-colored collared coat in pajama pants with a dog at her side looking down the stairs.

Kate with Neko

Kate: “In my regular life, I drive the Bookmobile for Woodford County, taking books to homebound patrons in Troy, Nonesuch, Millville, Midway. Now I’m working

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An smiling elderly woman holds an old dog on a leash next to the driveway of a white home with a front porch.

Barb with Katie

Kremena: Barb has been my neighbor for all but one of the years I’ve lived in Lexington. Even before we bought our house on Bassett

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A man with dark hair and beard with grey highlights in denim is seated in a green metal garden chair on the porch of a dark blue brick home holding a banjo while a leashed dog stands to his side.

Brett with Blue

While Blue watched on, Brett played “Rocky Island” on his 5-string banjo. He told us it’s a Burgee’s Creek/Knot County/Kentucky version of this traditional tune.

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A woman leans from the window of a brick apartment, glsses seated atop her shoulder-length hair which a cat looks on from inside.

Tanzi with Minnie Purrl

Tanzi continues to work at the Food Bank and feels privileged to still have a job. In fact, her job is very secure, but it’s

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