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A bald man with thin glasses and a purple and white patterned shirt holds an clarinet while seated on the concrete entryway steps of a brick home surrounded by lush plants.


Chase is the Director of MusicWorks. He is also a freelance teacher and runs a clarinet studio. Chase: “How are things during the pandemic? There

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A barefoot young man with naturally curly hair and a woman in a black and white floral dress both hold violins next to a man with curly grey hair holding a cello while standing in front of a garden shed.

Aaron, Margie, and Benjamin

Margie: “This would have been our 13th summer to teach and perform at the Brevard Music Center in North Carolina. It is an intense 7

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A tattooed young woman with short hair stands in a garden holding an acoustic guitar while a young woman with long brown hair crouches among purple flowers.

Tree and Grace

Tree plays for Small Batch. Tree: “It’s been very lonely. Playing music with other musicians is a huge part of my life and has been

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Two women with long dark hair, one with bangs are seated on a front porch among wooden furniture. One sits with legs crossed while the other drapes her right hand across her knee.

Echo and Emily

Emily Woxihara performs with Ancient Warfare and is the drummer for Bear Medicine. She also performs solo as Emily Hagihara. Narrative from original post: Both

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A man with a guitar and woman with a violin stand in neatly pressed Mariachi garb on the concrete driveway of an apartment complex.

Genaro and Sandy

Genaro: “Being a mariachi musician in Kentucky has been a unique experience. Where I come from, Mexican culture is everywhere. Everyone speaks Spanish and mariachi

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A young man with a beard and cap is seated on the front porch of a brick duplex holding a banjo seated next to a well worn orange upholstered chair.


Thomas plays with Damned African Descendants, Long Jumper (his solo project), Jeanne Vomit-Terror, Ethos Jazz Quintet, and Tense Kids. Thomas: “We are all just improvising

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A man holds a ukelele upside-down in colorful, knee-length socks crossed legged seated next to a young girl in brightly patterned pajamas next to a woman in a tan collared sweater and short hair on a patterned coushined bench in a screened porch with orange columns and teal trim.

Mick, Libby Lee, and Lucy

Mick played two songs for us on his ukulele: “Sunshine On My Shoulders” and “Anti-COVID Anthem #19” (to the tune of “Short’nin’ Bread”). He sang,

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A man with dark hair and beard with grey highlights in denim is seated in a green metal garden chair on the porch of a dark blue brick home holding a banjo while a leashed dog stands to his side.

Brett with Blue

While Blue watched on, Brett played “Rocky Island” on his 5-string banjo. He told us it’s a Burgee’s Creek/Knot County/Kentucky version of this traditional tune.

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