A man in a white button up shirt and jeans is seated on wooden stairs with his fingers woven. A garden hose is unrolled on the concrete driveway behind him.


Whit Whitaker is the Executive Director of the Lyric Theater. He is an independent concert soloist and frequently performs with the Kentucky Bach Choir, The

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A couple: (left) a young woman with a long tee shirt and rubber boots, (right) a bald man with a beard, sunglasses propped on his forehead, and a yellow handkerchief around his neck, stand in front of an open-front shed filled with gardening supplies and tools.

Ashley and Trevor

Ashley Smith is a native and life-long resident of Lexington, KY. She is a proud mother of 2-year-old twins Caroline and Trevor, Jr., and partner

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Two young women with long wavy hair stand on the stoop of a dusty blue brick building, both leaning casually on posts.

Alex and Austyn

Austyn: “During the pandemic, walks define our days. Alex and I both write from home, but we’ve turned neighborhood strolls into rituals: before we sit

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Two men are seated on stools on the deck of a white home. Both wear dark shirts and tan shorts. One has his arm draped over the neck of the other with his hand on his own knee.

Brandon and Tevin

Brandon: “For me, this pandemic has been an introvert’s dream. So I am living the dream. For Tevin, who’s an extrovert, it’s been a nightmare.”

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A man with neat, dark stubble and parted hair in jeans and a tee shirt sits on the stone stairs of a hime while holding a wine glass.


“At the beginning it was easy to feel lost, but there was a point in all of the madness that I started walking every day,

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An older man in dark glasses and a blue athletic jacket stands on a front stoop holding a red and white umbrella.


Don: “There is a part of me that feels more hopeful about the future than ever, entirely because of the young generation, Gen Z. Greta

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A barefoot young woman with dark braided hair and steel grey highlights wearing a shortened tee shirt is seated on a brick column of a front porch with a metal storm door.


Ciara LeRoy is the owner of Pretty Strange Design and the artist who painted the Black Lives Matter mural in downtown Lexington. Narrative from original post:

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A woman with long auburn hair in a red and green flannel shirt stands leaning on the post of a front porch while a man in a denim jacket and beard photographs her while leaning on a wall.

Kate and Landon

Kate: “I am finding more and more things to appreciate about my life every day. I now get to have dinner at home every night.

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