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An older woman sits in a garden in a wooden rocking chair next to an antique water pump.


“I have the gift of perspective, endowed simply by my time spent on earth. I am 65 years old. I see lives lost, mourned forever

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A bald middle-aged man sits in a merogold aphostlered chair wearing a tee shirt and thin glasses, holding a potted plant and green glassware.


“As a theatre teacher and artist, I produce six shows in a typical year: three at Sayre School (where I teach theatre to grades 7-12)

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A bald man with thin glasses and a purple and white patterned shirt holds an clarinet while seated on the concrete entryway steps of a brick home surrounded by lush plants.


Chase is the Director of MusicWorks. He is also a freelance teacher and runs a clarinet studio. Chase: “How are things during the pandemic? There

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A barefoot young man with naturally curly hair and a woman in a black and white floral dress both hold violins next to a man with curly grey hair holding a cello while standing in front of a garden shed.

Aaron, Margie, and Benjamin

Margie: “This would have been our 13th summer to teach and perform at the Brevard Music Center in North Carolina. It is an intense 7

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A tattooed young woman with short hair stands in a garden holding an acoustic guitar while a young woman with long brown hair crouches among purple flowers.

Tree and Grace

Tree plays for Small Batch. Tree: “It’s been very lonely. Playing music with other musicians is a huge part of my life and has been

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Two women with long dark hair, one with bangs are seated on a front porch among wooden furniture. One sits with legs crossed while the other drapes her right hand across her knee.

Echo and Emily

Emily Woxihara performs with Ancient Warfare and is the drummer for Bear Medicine. She also performs solo as Emily Hagihara. Narrative from original post: Both

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A middle aged man with round glasses stands in front of a brick home with two children, (left) a young girl in braids and pink pajamas and a boy (right) in a blue tee shirt with his arms crossed.

Deedee, Ryan, and Asher

“It is a deep mystery to live here in this imperfect place. On a summer night, with fireflies in the yard and bats overhead, the

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A neatly dressed bald man in an orange tie and leather sandals is seated on the wooden porch of a light freen home next to a woman with short curly hair, barefoot wearing a white button up shirt.

Rodney and Andrea

Andrea James works as Community Response Strategist in the Mayor’s Office, City of Lexington. She chairs the Fayette County Subcommittee, HEALing Communities Grant. She is

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A young woman with dreadlocks and thick rimmed glasses wearing a loosely fitting jacket stands, hands in pocket in front of a stone buidling with potted tree saplings in the background.


Christine Smith, Executive Director of Seedleaf, a community gardening organization in Lexington, KY. Narrative from original post: Christine: “How am I coping? I don’t think

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Two young women with long wavy hair stand on the stoop of a dusty blue brick building, both leaning casually on posts.

Alex and Austyn

Austyn: “During the pandemic, walks define our days. Alex and I both write from home, but we’ve turned neighborhood strolls into rituals: before we sit

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Two young people are seated on the stone steps of a green home in front of a glass door with a bright red "E" while a woman with long dark hair stands to their left dressed in jeans and a tank top covered in colorful paint.

Sara Grace, Cooper, and Blake

Blake: “When asked…‘How are you doing through all of this?’ I never know what to say. They aren’t really asking this question on a deep

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An smiling elderly woman holds an old dog on a leash next to the driveway of a white home with a front porch.

Barb with Katie

Kremena: Barb has been my neighbor for all but one of the years I’ve lived in Lexington. Even before we bought our house on Bassett

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An elderly couple stand in front of a cream brick home with ornate columns. They both wear blue athletic sweater vests. The woman had glasses hanging from a chain on her neck. The main has unkempt white hair, a beard, a blotted patterned tie, and Birkenstocks.

Susan and Joe

Joe teaches Physics at UK and was getting ready for his online class next week, learning how to use Zoom. Susan was thinking about exercising.

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