Gabriela: “I feel like I’m almost in an abusive relationship with DACA—where I’ll be so grateful, so happy to have it, but know deep down this is temporary, a false sense of stability, knowing I deserve something so much better. It’s like I’m trapped, unable to find anything better, knowing the others around me are off with better statuses, able to live a happier, fuller life. Where their statuses allow them to have complete freedom, able to travel, able to have that sense of secure American identity. I hope one day I’ll be able to get out of this. For now, I stay stuck with DACA. I’ll continue to feel gaslit by executive decisions and hope for change.”

Lexington in the Time of COVID-19 is an artwork about people practicing social distancing at a time of a deadly virus. And also offering kindness.

Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova capture photographs at the periphery of American culture, where drag queens, discarded couches, and abandoned motel signs exist.