At the end of the sixth week of living socially distant lives in Lexington, Kentucky, we share our gratitude for public-school teachers in Kentucky and everywhere else. Dear teachers, Thank you for figuring out and navigating technology that enables you to stay in touch with your students and create a sense of normalcy for them, For organizing car parades, honking car horns, and being your loudest to let your students know how much you love them, For writing personal notes to every single student in your class so they know you miss them and will not forget their names, no matter what, For coming up with new ways to cheer your kids up, including the invention of literary characters who—just like you—insist on being generous and kind to others, For making sure your students know they are our future, and that our future is, therefore, brighter and better than our present. #TogetherKY #TeamKentucky #HealthyatHome

Lexington in the Time of COVID-19 is an artwork about people practicing social distancing at a time of a deadly virus. And also offering kindness.

Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova capture photographs at the periphery of American culture, where drag queens, discarded couches, and abandoned motel signs exist.