Sean, Kadyn, and Tia

Tia Edwards is co-owner of Fresh Bourbon Distilling Co.

Narrative from original post:

In 2017 Sean Edwards, a Lexington, Kentucky, native set out to open a distillery in his hometown. He and his wife, Tia Edwards, started their company, Fresh Bourbon Distilling Co., which holds the distinction as being the first African American-owned Distilling Company registered in Kentucky, and the first to develop a unique recipe from grain to glass. Additionally, they’re the first African Americans to make bourbon in the state of Kentucky since slavery and have an African American master distiller.

After lots of unforgettable travels throughout the world as a couple, Sean realized that Kentucky was well-known for three things: KFC, horses, and bourbon. Tia said that she enjoyed bourbon, but a cocktail would be her preference. This was when the “aha” moment happened.

Tian and Sean: “We realized the number of bourbon aficionados telling you how to drink their spirits and forcing people into a neat experience, when maybe their taste were different. The market was screaming for a new bourbon experience. That’s why we created Fresh Bourbon! Our bourbon is gently sweet and approachable with surprising complexity and satisfying depth. Enjoy it as a cocktail, with a splash, rocks or neat.

Fresh is not about an age statement, it’s about an experience! We are a new concept in brown spirits. A brand that aims to guide people into this passionate world. We craft premium quality bourbon, made to encourage you to enjoy and explore. We are not only ‘ok’ with using our bourbon for cocktails, we invite you to discover new blends.”

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