A woman in a bright red dress and curly lightened hair with thick glasses stands next to a young girl with curly dark hair donning a yellow blanket as a cape (arms stretched wide) while a man with dreadlocks and a beard wearing red sneakers leans on a porch column.

Crystal, Ivory, and Ron

Crystal Wilkinson, a USA Artist Fellow, is the award-winning author of The Birds of Opulence (winner of the 2016 Ernest J. Gaines Prize for Literary Excellence), Water

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A woman in a long purple robe with colorful trim and white sandals stands next to a young man in a denim jacket, red socks and white pants with black vertical stripes seated on a wooden flower box holding a pole in front of a white brick home with worn paint.

Christine and Philip

Philip: “This pandemic has enabled me to spend more time with my family, to grow as an individual. Despite all the madness, I have an

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